Editor’s Pick: Charmed Design Bracelets

Editor’s Pick: Charmed Design Bracelets

Editor’s Pick: Charmed Design Bracelets

Charmed Design specializes in beautifully handcrafted jewelry that is imbued with meaning and positive energy. Inspired by a world filled with symbolism, each piece is inimitably created to embody a thought, desire, or dream. Cohn’s signature designs include life-affirming themes motivated by her deep appreciation for surviving a sudden life-threatening illness in 2009. Hollywood writer, actress and TV spokesperson Enya Flack describes the line as “beautiful jewelry with meaning.”

Lori has gifted many celebrities, including the nominees of the 2012 Screen Actors Guild Awards and the 2013 Academy Awards. Others, such as the soulful Alicia Keys and lovely Jennifer Aniston, have been seen with Charmed Design bracelets. On Feb. 12, 2012, Fox Business featured Charmed Design as their Small Business of the Day.

“I began to design and create this style of jewelry from a place of gratitude for the gift of life and from a pressing desire to inspire, uplift, and empower others”, said Lori Cohn, Charmed Design owner and jewelry designer. “We are all stars in the world; the meaning in each of our lives is the gift we give. In my work I aspire to create beautiful pieces that reflect meaning.”

Charmed Design is an Atlanta-based company started in 2010 to promote inspired attitudes and gratitude. The handmade jewelry ranges in price from $28-$69 and is available for purchase at the Charmed Design website at www.charmeddesign.com. It is also available at select boutiques around the country and JW Marriott Spas and Resorts.

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