Nicole Murphy’s Friendship, Love And Peace Jewelry Collection

Nicole Murphy’s Friendship, Love And Peace Jewelry Collection

Nicole Murphy’s Friendship, Love And Peace Jewelry Collection

Many people have seen Nicole Murphy in numerous magazines across the world. She is a beautiful mother who exemplifies good health, positive vibrations and happiness. Our publisher, Pluria Marshall Jr., and I had the pleasure of spending time with Nicole at a fashion boutique in Beverly Hills where her latest jewels were on display. The name of her collection — “FLP Jewelry Design,” aka Friendship, Love and Peace — is amazing. Nicole also took the time to share each piece of jewelry from her collection that consisted of a broad range of medals, gemstones and beaded necklaces, bracelets, stunning earrings and fabulous rings that you can dress up or down for any occasion.

The FLP jewelry pieces are inspired by nature. Nicole Murphy and her best friend, Yolanda Braddy, bring their knowledge of craftsmanship and jewelry design to their new line of jewelry for men and women this season. Their experiences in the fashion industry inspired them to create jewels that make a statement. Nicole was a highly sought after international model by the time she was 14 years-old. She entered an international model search contest and took home the top prize.  From this opportunity, she was signed to the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency and then subsequently to top Paris agency glamor models.

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Nicole was immediately sent overseas and started traveling throughout Europe modeling for top design houses, including Valentino, Yves St. Laurent, Chanel, Ungaro, and more.  While all of this could be a head-spinning whirlwind, especially for a teenager, Nicole stayed grounded and learned quite a bit about herself and others as she worked in the fashion industry as a model.

Her runway work took her around the world to distant and exotic locales. Her travels continue to inspire her creative mindset in selecting beautiful materials to create signature designs and one-of-a-kind styles.

Although now retired from modeling, Nicole never lost her love of fashion. She has always created her own jewelry and enthusiastically follows the latest trends and designers from around the world, which inspires her own unique style.

Yolanda Braddy’s career accomplishments include stints as the head costume designer on hit movies and some of television’s most successful shows. She also calls on her experience as an editorial and celebrity clothing stylist. She has had the honor of working with some of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors, Grammy-winning music performers, and top professional athletes. Nicole’s friend and business partner calls on her personal sense of style and extensive professional experience in costume design when creating the duo’s signature pieces. Today, Nicole is an executive producer and reality star of Hollywood Exes on VH1 and a successful business owner. But her most important role is being the mother of five beautiful children.

Link into the world of fashion to learn more about Nicole’s jewelry collection by visiting It’s all about the “Fab Five” jewelry styles of the Friendship, Love and Peace collection. Report by Lela Christine





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