YOUTUBE RED, “LACE UP: THE ULTIMATE SNEAKER CHALLENGE” Hosted by sWooZie; Special Guests Include Anthony Anderson, Fetty Wap, Ashley Graham, Macklemore, Jamie Chung, Stan Smith, Jesse Wellens, Eddie Huang, Jacques Slade, and NBA stars James Harden and Damian Lillard

LACE UP: THE ULTIMATE SNEAKER CHALLENGE is the first-ever, unscripted competition series where aspiring footwear designers from around the world battle it out to determine who can design, develop and produce the next great sneaker. The stakes are high—with designers competing for the ultimate prize: their own limited edition James Harden sneaker and a design job at adidas. The innovative new series is executive produced by legendary television producer and founder and president of 10X10 Entertainment, Ken Mok (America’s Next Top Model), as well as famed sneaker designer D’Wayne Edwards who founded the PENSOLE™ Footwear Design Academy. The eight episode series is produced by global sports marketing agency Lagardère Sports, PENSOLE™, and and will debut on YouTube Red on September 13, 2017. Link in learn more –

The series is hosted by YouTube star Adande “sWoozie” Thorne, whose channel has more than 4.9 million subscribers and over 700 million views. He will infuse his trademark humor and love for sneakers into each episode. Episodes also feature appearances by a diverse set of guests , including actors Anthony Anderson and Jamie Chung, YouTube creator Jesse Wellens, music stars Fetty Wap, and Macklemore, NBA stars James Harden and Damian Lillard, model Ashley Graham, famed author, chef and restaurateur Eddie Huang, sneaker-head influencer Jacques Slade, and tennis legend and sneaker innovator Stan Smith.

Unlike any other competition series before, this show will take place in a real-world environment, as it follows a heightened version of the existing masterclass program at PENSOLE™ Academy in Portland, Oregon. The series emphasizes a mix of footwear design and professional skills, and features 12 competitors operating in four teams. Only one team will make it to the top, with adidas manufacturing an exclusive limited run of the winning design that will become available in November.









“Superstar Dance Off”: Colors & Materials


The teams square off in a battle to create the best redesign of the adidas Originals icon Superstar sneaker, using innovative materials and eye-grabbing color schemes. Actor Anthony Anderson serves as a guest judge while professional Hip Hop dancer, Hok Konishi, choreographs routines for local b-boy team, the Portland Trail Breakers, to test out the sneaker designs in a Hip Hop dance-off.


“Red Carpet Kicks”: High Heel Fashion Meets Streetwear


Lace Up goes high fashion as the teams elevate their streetwear designs to create a fashionable sneaker… with a heel. Model Ashley Graham and Rapper Macklemore determine the most fashion-forward designs following a runway show where the team’s style each model’s threads to match her kicks.


“Legendary Design”: Learning Design & Rendering


Hip Hop superstar, Fetty Wap, serves as the inspiration for this week’s sneaker designs. Tennis legend and cultural innovator Stan Smith stops by PENSOLE as the teams completely redesign his iconic namesake sneaker. Jesse Wellens joins in the fun, helping the designers produce a Hip Hop music video to show off their shoes.


“Dame Fine Kicks”: Customization


The teams go toe-to-toe in creating a shoe for an NBA Point Guard Damian Lillard. Pulling inspiration from the traits that led the two-time All-Star to hard court success, their redesigns of the sneaker are pushed to the edge… but who can drive it home for the win?


“Sole Food”: Deconstruct & Customize


The teams cook up designs for famed author, chef and restaurateur, Eddie Huang, in creating a “Frankenshoe” that pulls ingredients from multiple sneaker styles. The shoes come to life when they’re put on display in an interactive street mural presentation.


“High-Tech Hustle”: Technology in Shoe Design


The Lace Up teams kick it into high gear to create a functional running shoe for avid runner and famed actress, Jamie Chung. Using innovative technologies from 3D printing to 3D rendering, the final designs are presented in Virtual Reality using the Google Tilt Brush.


“The Big Reveal”: Go To Market (Part 1)


Sneaker culture influencer Jacques Slade helps the teams refine their concepts and pitches as they work on their final design, an original sneaker for a popular NBA superstar James Harden. The NBA player delivers a video message to the teams before their designs are displayed at a major footwear store who conducts a focus group testing of their shoe.


“What Happens in Vegas”: Go To Market Finale


In the series finale, the winning team and D’Wayne Edwards, founder of PENSOLE™ Footwear Design Academy, present an NBA superstar James Harden with his original basketball sneakers in Las Vegas. The Fung Brothers, a pair of rapper/comedian YouTube stars, join D’Wayne and the team for the final sneaker presentation.


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