Zendaya’s Fab Rings At The Met Gala

Zendaya’s Fab Rings At The Met Gala

Zendaya’s Fab Rings At The Met Gala

Zendaya in Lydia Courteille ring, Jack Vartanian black diamond studs, Pasquale Bruni snake diamond ring and Casa Reale diamond stackable rings while attending the Met Ball on May 4, 2015 in New York City.

Lydia Courteille – After years as an antiques dealer, the Paris-based designer Lydia Courteille began to redesign the heirloom cameos of her friends, turning them into rings embellished with the 18th-century gems she collected. After gaining rapid popularity in Paris and abroad, Courteille went out on her own, launching her infamous label with collections inspired by the Mexican gardens of Xochimilico and the Amazon jungle. A certified gemologist, she sources the finest precious stones and transforms them into intricate, fantastical adornments that have earned her a star-studded clientele and critical acclaim. www.lydiacourteille.com

Jack Vartanian – An original blend of tradition, urban style and glamorous sophistication define the designer’s collections. Since 1999, Jack Vartanian has created fine jewelry collections infused with a unique blend of tradition, sophistication and avant-garde design. Vartanian’s passion for precious stones comes from his family long standing tradition in the gemstone trade. Contrary to fine jewelry designers all over the world, Jack Vartanian launches new collections with amazing regularity, always surprising his clients, the media, and opinion leaders with his personal and often sexy, irreverent take on luxury fashion, social trends and pop culture. For more information, please visit www.jackvartanian.com.

Since 1976 Pasquale Bruni has stood for high quality, and has proudly carried forward this tradition, supported by his children Eugenia Bruni, the Creative Director of the brand, and Daniele Bruni the company’s gemologist. The result is fine Italian-made jewelry under a brand name that has become synonymous around the world with passion and unmistakable Italian taste, style, and creativity. Pasquale Bruni plays with emotions, forms enveloping structures and creates sensational effects with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, topazes and tourmalines. The collections display a distinctive style, unconventional and harmonious: a delight to look at, and a pleasure to wear. For more information please visit www.pasqualebruni.com

Casa Reale was founded in 2013 by Joseph Yushuva, founder and partner in jewelry manufacturer JPM Brothers since 1996, known throughout the jewelry industry as a leader in production of exquisite fashion jewelry. Joseph’s expertise and connections led to the creation of Casa Reale, a signature fashion jewelry brand crafted to be a bold statement in luxury and royal artistry. Casa Reale has been sold internationally in some of the world’s most renowned jewelers in the United States, Dubai and Moscow and has been worn by both royalty and celebrities. The designs of Casa Reale are crafted to be a statement in luxury and glamour, unmistakably creative and made for the woman who is bold, confident and loves to be noticed. For more information, please visit www.casareale.com

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