ABC, Once Upon a Time, Gorgeous Hair

ABC, Once Upon a Time, Gorgeous Hair

ABC, Once Upon a Time, Gorgeous Hair

Check out the hair style trends of Richard Kohlen, hairstylist to Meghan Ory and set stylist for Once Upon a Time which will return to ABC Fall 2013. Here is what he shares about having fab hair like Meghan.

1. To start I give a healthy spray of White Sands Liquid Texture Thermal Styling Spray, then section her hair into one inch strips.

2. With a one inch curling iron, I do alternating spiral curls. Alternating gives the fullness I’m looking for and the most natural look. 

3. Once I am done with one row, I give a light spraying of White Sands Infinity Hairspray to set the curl for a long lasting hold.

4. After all the rows are done, I add in preset extension pieces made and colored to match Meghan’s own natural hair. For this “Red Riding hood” look, I used 24” extensions, for that extra long look!

5. Once all the curling and extensions are in, I added an inverted braid that is once again preset, from ear to ear which gives us that period look. 

6. After everything is done I use the White Sand Orchids Oil to smooth out all the little frizzes! And voila! “Red Riding Hood” extra sexy look.





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