Celine Dion glitters in $25 million worth of Diamonds

Celine Dion glitters in $25 million worth of Diamonds

Celine Dion glitters in $25 million worth of Diamonds

Celine Dion wore a Harry Kotlar 151.02 ct diamond necklace and ring worth approximately $25,000,000 with Maxior diamond earrings in her latest music video, “Ashes” (from the Deadpool 2 motion picture soundtrack) on May 3, 2018. Harry Kotlar Cushion diamond Riviera with a 151.02ct D/VVS2 Kotlar Cushion diamond drop.

celine dion dimaond necklace

Harry Kotlar diamond ring style notes:


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Spanning six decades of beauty, art and perfection, Harry Kotlar is recognized as the premier source for the highest quality diamonds. Founded in 1948, Harry Kotlar began his career as a diamond dealer and supplier. With a natural charisma for business and a great appreciation for cut stones, Kotlar’s business began to flourish, quickly securing his legacy in the world of luxury. Now under the esteemed leadership of his grandson, David Weiner, Harry Kotlar continues to produce collections that evoke old-world artistry with modern sophistication. In 2003, David continued to advance the Harry Kotlar collection by launching two of the designer’s now hallmark designs, the Artisan Pave collection and the Kotlar Cushion cut diamond. For more information, please visit www.harrykotlar.com

Maxior diamond earrings style notes:


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Contemporary and connected with the zeitgeist, without sacrificing the classic values of fine jewelry, Maxior brings in its DNA the confidence of a jewelry group with over 30 years of tradition. The brand’s mission is to translate the customer’s wishes in unique moments, providing achievements through new experiences to gift or purchase a jewel. For more information, please visit www.maxior.co


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