Eat Like Woman, Meditate with The Votivo Candle & Pray

Eat Like Woman, Meditate with The Votivo Candle & Pray

Eat Like Woman, Meditate with The Votivo Candle & Pray

To all the amazing woman holding steadfast to meditation, prayer and burning aromatherapy candles – stay strong during this COVID-19 dilemma.

Life is a journey from decade-to-decade. Know the power of your positive thoughts….. Link into the world of these fabulous brand we thought you love to gift this forthcoming Mother’s Day 2020 that uplift ones spirit.

The book to Give, “Eat Like A Woman”, get the book here at

eat like a women
eat like a women

And buy the bars they are amazing as well.. Just great overall taste.

The candle to give, Votivo Moroccan Fig candle… It just smells so good. Buy their brand here at:

Votivo Candle

The scent of precious woods, aged figs from faraway lands, and hearty earthen spices filled the street vendors tent with the taste of luxury that only the finest hand-knotted woolen rugs would bear; to inhale the aroma elevated ones sense of wealth

The Nexon Botanical essential oil to place in a diffuser should you like the fall asleep quickly is Zen Sleep. And, buy the gift set it great tons of scents to select from. Buy their brand here at

nexon botanical oils

Report by Lela Christine 🙂

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