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Hair Glam

Effortless Extensions,Transform Your Hair Now

Effortless Extensions are the affordable, go-to hair extensions that will instantly glamorize any hair type using no clips, no glue, no sewing, and no skill. Stay in touch with the latest hair trends without having to break the bank with excessive visits to the salon. Achieve runway hair trends in seconds with Effortless Extensions. Choose a long, straight mane to transform your hair for the sleek and precise ponytail by day, and switch to voluminous locks for the retro bouffant look by night.

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Made from FEELsoREAL synthetic fibers that look, act, and feel like real hair, this budget-friendly option reduces hassle and any damage that may occur from heat-activated products. Effortless extensions are applied seamlessly and are held in place by a self-adjusting, clear monofilament on the crown of the head, releasing you from having to rely on heating tools and straightening treatments that may damage your natural locks to achieve the style you’re going for. In just seconds, Effortless Extensions blend in with your natural hair, instantly transforming your look.

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