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Fashion & Interior Design Trends 2020

ttends in 2020 color design

Fashion and Interior Design Share Many Similarities and in 2020 These 4 Trends Are Criss-Crossing Industries. Fashion and interior design both utilize color, texture, pattern, and form to create visually pleasing designs. So it comes as no surprise that the two fields find inspiration from many of the same things and that trends often criss-cross between them.

In 2020 the following four trends have been seen strutting across runways and beautifying homes around the globe.

While fashion and interior design both welcome color in all shades and hues regardless of trends, a movement toward more timeless color choices is definitely underway in 2020. Consumers want value and longevity over here today, gone tomorrow style. They seek functionality and the ability to make strong visual statements of self-expression. Thus enduring shades like classic blue, warm earth tones, calming pastels and classic combinations like black and white are being seen from catwalks to living rooms everywhere.
LARGE SCALE PRINTS​ The bold, colorful, mod prints of the 60s and 70s have returned to the runway and large tropical patterns and floral motifs continue to appear. In interiors, we are seeing large scale flora and fauna as well as grand geometrics in everything from wallpaper and textiles to rugs. Whether retro or bohemian large scale colorful prints have definitely made their way from fashion to interiors.

GRANDMILLENIAL STYLE First, for those who may not have heard this term, ‘grandmillenial’ is essentially transitional style. A mix of traditional and modern. And while this look has never really been out, it is definitely becoming more on-trend as the millennial generation continues to embrace it. Also referred to as “grandma chic” for the way it takes old school style and updates it, across 2020 runways were numerous interpretations of the look seen through crocheted materials, cotton laces and other openwork lace (think an updated doily!) And while these materials, in particular, are only bubbling up in interior design, the overall eclectic grandmillenial style is definitely in.

MATERIALS FROM NATURE As awareness about sustainability and living an eco-friendly lifestyle continue to grow so does the desire for materials from nature. While many common natural materials such as cotton, linen, and a variety of woods are being used in both fashion and interiors, one material, in particular, has been seen on the rise across 2020 runways and that’s raffia. Made from the fibers of raffia palm tree leaves, this organic material is also trending in home decor. In addition to plant-based materials, fashion and interiors love for animal materials continues—sustainably sourced of course!

For many years evening wear fashion has loved feathers and this trend has definitely made its way into interiors as well as seen in stunning feathered lamps and magnificent feather wallpapers.
ttends in 2020 color design

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