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Feel Great and Stylish Going Barefoot With Barefooters This Summer!

This summer, Barefooters is telling men and women to throw out their basic, boring flip flops and go “barefoot”! Fashion meets foot reflexology with Barefooters, the innovative slip on shoes that actually feel better than going barefoot. This unique walking experience is getting great feedback from acclaimed athletes and even the fashion forward who spend the better part of each day on their feet.

Made of CorksiLite, a washable blend of cork and silicone, Barefooters are extremely flexible and shock-absorbing. They are designed as a walking shoe to naturally strengthen feet, stretch ligaments and massage tired muscles. Whether you are recovering from an intense workout, or just running a few errands, Barefooters are the perfect stylish, everyday shoe to heal and promote Feel Great feet. Link into their world at

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