GoLite’s high performance active wear we adore

GoLite’s high performance active wear we adore

GoLite’s high performance active wear we adore

introduce GoLite’s collection of beautiful, high performance active and travel apparel made from recycled bottles. The collection was designed in an effort to help reduce the amount of plastic ending up on our oceans and landfills. We love this brands athletic wear.

GoLite has also built strong humanitarian initiatives right into the business plan with the GoAid programs, recently donating 14,000 shirts to Seattle-based Medical Teams International workers in Uganda and Guatemala.Read more here – https://golite.com/pages/goaid

Check our our favorite FAB styles we know you will adore and buy listed below:

ReLite Skort, black, medium – https://golite.com/collections/womens-yoga/products/womens-relite-skort?variant=12521718513719

ReLite Run Hat, black, https://golite.com/collections/mens-hats/products/mens-relite-run-hat?variant=12777529376823

ReBound Crop Legging – black – https://golite.com/collections/womens-running/products/womens-rebound-crop-legging?variant=12777530654775

ReBound Hoody, medium, Goskin – https://golite.com/collections/womens-half-zips-hoodies/products/womens-rebound-hoody?variant=12521703342135

ReBound Crop Legging, medium, Goskin – https://golite.com/collections/womens-hiking/products/womens-rebound-crop-legging?variant=12777530687543

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