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Hair Glam

Goody Spin Pin Power Bun for Your Hair

We like the Goody Spin Pin Power Bun utensil for your hair. Goody says each one does the work of 20 bobbies and they come in two shades, one for lighter hair and one for darker. Each pack comes with two pins. What you do first is  take your hair, pull it back, and wrap it into a really tight bun. Then, you tuck in the ends and screw in the first pin at the top.

The second pin goes in through the bottom of the bun, locking it in place. That’s it! Through some miracle of magic or science, your bun’s done! Extra thick hair might require two pairs, but Goody Spin Pins outdo bobbies for buns any day of the week. Available at Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreen stores, and online at


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