Healthy Hair News: Get Shiny, Healthy, Fabulous Hair Now w/ the Huetiful Hair Steamer

Healthy Hair News: Get Shiny, Healthy, Fabulous Hair Now w/ the Huetiful Hair Steamer

Healthy Hair News: Get Shiny, Healthy, Fabulous Hair Now w/ the Huetiful Hair Steamer

Have you ever steamed your hair before? I ask this question because I recently was introduced indirectly to the world of steaming my hair by a well know fashion designer who styles hair for some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. And it was an eye-opening introduction.

Our conversation piqued my curiosity to release the weave from my hair.  Within 72 hours, the weave was gone. My hair and I now have begun a new and intimate relationship with me focusing on maintaining my hair through natural means – a new posture that involves me steaming my hair weekly. The conversation and my newfound need to concentrate on having healthy, strong, fabulous hair convinced me to do research on what would be best for my hair and share this information with all the women who want beautiful, manageable hair, regardless of their hair type.

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The quest for learning more about steaming my hair led me to numerous hours of studying Youtube videos on natural hair. I hit the jackpot when I found the Huetiful Hair Steamer website. I now have the Huetiful Hair Steamer in my home and use it every week. I have seen noticeable changes with my hair not shedding and being much stronger, shinier and easier to manage.  Though I have always had length to my hair, having this steamer and using natural cleansers and mud masque for the hair is an added plus in my life.

The Huetiful Hair Steamer helps keep hair soft, strong and lustrous by allowing more conditioner to reach hair folicles with deeper penetration to strengthen dry and brittle hair. No process or product has been proven to both moisturize and hydrate natural, relaxed or transitioning hair better than the Huetiful Hair Steam Treatment. The award-winning Huetiful Hair Steamer helps hydrate and restore moisture to hair up to five times more effectively than leading conditioners alone.

What you need to know about the Huetiful Hair Steamer Process:

Just like the body, your hair can suffer from dehydration. Hydration strengthens hair and improves manageability. Here’s a step-by-step process for using the Huetiful Hair Steamer:

1. Shampoo and condition your hair, leaving your favorite conditioner on your hair for five minutes.

2. Sit under the Huetiful Hair Steamer for 15-20 minutes without a cap on. The steamer will automatically shut off when done.

3. Allow the warm steam to naturally lift up the hair cuticles. (Note: hair cuticles are like shingles covering a rooftop).

4. Allow your conditioner to more deeply and effectively penetrate into every strand of your hair (moisturizing) and allow the steam to be infused into the hair shaft (hydrating).

Ken Burkeen is the CEO and creator of Huetiful. Founded in 2009, Burkeen has steered the company from a small start-up selling product out of his garage to an international business with sales in more than 30 countries throughout Europe, Africa, North America and the West Indies. Burkeen is redefining what it means to apply strategy, innovation and technology and a brilliant force in global beauty. Huetiful is the result of years of working in brand management and experience in logistics since age 22.


Ken with hUETFUL team

The Huetiful Salon will debut its exclusive 2013 Professional Huetiful Hair Steamer at the Grand Opening on Sept. 29 and at the Oct. 3 Open House this fall. Link into the world of Huetiful at

Report By Lela Christine





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