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the Nigerian-American multi-hyphenate media personality, Afro Flava radio host and lifestyle content creator, has announced the launch of e-commerce shop AWKN Jewelry this week.

“I created this brand for the everyday fashionista who likes to look well put together, while still living within their means. AWKN stands for Awaken, and with our jewelry items we hope to ‘Awaken Your Inner Jewel’ ” said SANA Kibz, who has worked with marquee brands such as TJ Maxx and Maybelline. “I love fashion accessories that are well-priced yet still maintain high-quality standards, and that is what we provide at AWKN Jewelry.”

Established out of a need to find a unique fashion jewelry store online that didn’t break the bank, AWKN Jewelry provides trendy and fashionable jewelry that not only is affordable, but also looks expensive, from everyday pieces to statement looks. There are four primary collections within AWKN Jewelry, which can be shopped on their site: Awaken, Boho, Color, and Timeless. All collections include gold and silver jewelry to fit any style. The price points of the jewelry range from $12 to $40. 


Also, giving back to the community is an important aspect of AWKN, which is why they’re donating a percentage of monthly sales to charities in New York City. “We come from very humble beginnings, and that is why we donate a percentage of our monthly sales to charities in New York City. Thank you for allowing us to serve our community with your support.”

For more information on AWKN Jewelry, please visit their website at

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