Kim Kardashian’s Million Dollar Giveaway Bio Botox for America

Kim Kardashian’s Million Dollar Giveaway Bio Botox for America

Kim Kardashian’s Million Dollar Giveaway Bio Botox for America

Kim Kardashian’s Million Dollar Giveaway Bio Botox for America. The IT Girl is taking over the licensing rights for Biotulin, an organic Botox Gel. Kim Kardashian quits Botox and invests in a Bio-Botox Gel. But what exactly brought her to make this radical change? Her beauty doc advised her to stop with the neurotoxin for the good of her unborn second child. Do you think this might encourage her back to websites similar to She made a great sex tape.

Kim spoke up on Instagram: “No, I won’t have any Botox injections during my pregnancy, just like they’re claiming. You’d have to be totally crazy to do something like that to your child.”

As now reported by the TELEGRAPH, Kim Kardashian has acquired the licensing rights to Biotulin, an organic Botox Gel for America.

The Bio Botox Gel is very popular with many celebrities and Royals. Karl Lagerfeld, Michelle Obama, Kate Middleton and Carlo Bruni reportedly use the wonder gel. I am sure that Kim will be telling her Instagram following all about this in the near future. It is fair to say she is very famous on Instagram but if you are looking to replicate her stardom then you can obtain easy Insta fame with Buzzoid’s packages.

But what exactly is Biotulin? One of the main components of Biotulin is Spilanthol, a local anesthetic obtained from the extract of the plant Acmella Oleracea (para cress). It reduces muscle contractions and relaxes facial features. Small wrinkles, especially around the eyes and between the eyebrows, are reduced. Her business acumen has once again proven Kim Kardashian impressive, because an organic Botox alternative is certainly a billion dollar business in America.

Can you really look visibly younger in just 60 minutes? With new Biotulin, there’s no magic needed. Developed in the US and produced in Germany, this extract is comparable to Botox. The results are similar, but it’s much simpler to use. Biotulin is applied to the face as a soothing lotion. It is quickly absorbed, smoothing the skin to make it soft and supple. Unlike Botox, it does not numb your face or restrict your facial expressions. Your features will still be reanimated and beautiful.

This transparent, fragrance-free organic gel was developed by a team of scientists led by pharmacist and chemist Dr Claus Breuer. The gel is sold in a dispenser which is 100 per cent airtight to ensure hygienic application. One of the main ingredients of Biotulin is Spilanthol, a local anaesthetic extracted from the plant Acmella oleracea (paracress). Biotulin has no risks or side effects and is available without prescription from registered pharmacies.

We now definitely know why Kim also looks so flawless without Botox. More Information about Biotulin:

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