Yes to KIWABI, a great new hair color product – the collaborative Tokyo + Los Angeles beauty company focused on interweaving Japan’s high-quality, high-demand beauty innovations with America’s love for simple, all natural glamour and efficiency, announces the launch of its first collection, ROOT VANISH by KAZUMI.

Theno-drip,no-transfer light gel formula and luxuriously soft applicator brush instantly vanish roots and gray strands out of sight. ROOT VANISH by KAZUMI features over twenty-two hair and scalp strengthening mountain herb extracts, Black SeaWeedextract,Japanesefruitextracts,andflora.

Unlike all non-permanent colorants on the market, the thick, Japan-made brush applicator allows for even, foolproof distribution of the incredibly light formula and the click-pump applicator measures out portions for a flawless, seamless finish. The treatment color instantly veils all types of hair, including grays – thick or damaged – and leaves no sign of sticky, oily, or hardened residue or smell. Addressing a frequent complaint, ROOT VANISH does not transfer onto hands, hair accessories, pillows, or clothes. Yet it easily washes out with soap and hot water.


ROOT VANISH comes in four versatile shades, Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown and Black, exclusively designed for American hair and skin color aesthetics by KAZUMI, a celebrity- and socialites-coveted hair colorist based in Beverly Hills and New York City. Inspired by her conversations with her discerning clients and other industry friends who complained of the quality, texture, and user experience of current touch up tools on the U.S. market, Kazumi partnered with an accomplished Japanese business entrepreneur whose access to Japan’s best research facilities, ingredients, and production centers allowed the duo to create a product that met their highstandardsandexpectations.

ROOT VANISH was painstakingly concocted with 22 traditionally and scientifically heralded botanical ingredients that provide anti-aging and beautifying results for skin and hair. Key ingredients include amino-acids rich Black Sea Weed extract, hair growth inducing Japanese Swertia Flower extract, and hair follicle empowering Panax Ginseng Root extract. Overtime with use, ROOT VANISH will make hair follicles and scalp healthier and your hair looking more radiant, stronger, and youthful.

For a complete list of all core ingredients and their hair and scalp health benefits, please visit:

KIWABI’s ROOT VANISH by KAZUMI (MSRP $48.00) will be available on, and through exclusive salon partners starting Fall 2013. KIWABI is based in Tokyo, Japan and has offices in Beverly Hills and New York City.


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