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Large Bamboo Folding Hand Fan To Buy on Amazon Now!

Our style editorial team found this hand fan on Amazon last week… We love it! Do you need a way to look and stay cool during the warm spring and summer months?

The style team from HandiFanz Kung Fu Tai Chi Folding Fan is the go to item you must have any time especially when it HOT!

Whether you are trying to keep yourself nice and cool in the sweltering heat or want to add a unique and stylish outfit accessory to your wardrobe, HandiFanzs large Chinese Japanese handheld fans are a fantastic solution for you! These incredibly large fans span from shoulder to fingertips on most people.

Check out our Amazon store front for our favorite items –

The best part – This large size allows our bamboo folding fans to keep yourself perfectly cool, ward off unpleasant odors, and reduce sweat and discomfort when used traditionally; they can even be used to create shade over your head and body.

Our handmade large folding rave fans feature a colorfully chic design on their front side, displaying wisps and rays of light in a neon rainbow of colors along with multiple lotus flowers with colorful psychedelic colors inside. This side of our handheld rave fan can also glow in the dark once charged with a UV blacklight, making them an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor events such as raves, discos, dances, and music festivals. These bamboo rave fans are also great to use as gorgeous modern wall decor and during competitions, weddings, religious ceremonies, holiday parties, and more.

check out these 2 styles we purchased here on Amazon

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