Maison Kitsuné first pop-up in Los Angeles

Maison Kitsuné first pop-up in Los Angeles

Maison Kitsuné first pop-up in Los Angeles

Maison Kitsuné is thrilled to announce its first pop-up in Los Angeles this February 2020. The ris-based fashion brand and music label led by co-founders and creative directors Gildas Loaec & Masaya Kuroki, is excited to make waves at Platform in Culver City, featuring seasonal collection drops, limited-edition collaborations and community-driven events.

Designed by Kuroki and located in Platform’s central courtyard, the striking architectural concept conveys an artistical, radical and unique gesture from the brand, inspired simultaneously by contemporary art gallery and West Coast terrain. Inside 600-square-feet, a central golden cube, burnt-orange allover, is a local metaphor of the sun-setting over the Californian desert; provoking participation within the space, capturing the mood of the surrounding landscape and representing the juxtaposition of nature and modernity in the glitzy metropolis.

Walls are painted a stark white, contrasting the industrial metallic brass panels, raw flooring, and ochre tones which refer back to the brand’s signature fox patch color palette.

The Los Angeles shop, which is open through July, will carry on Maison Kitsuné’s tradition of experiential programming held in-store for the brand’s avid fan base. Tapping into its musical roots, Kitsuné Musique will be bringing its Sunset Series, with drinks and DJ performances every second Thursday of the month, to Platform’s stunning rooftop restaurant, margot, and taking over the curation of the development’s outdoor sounds.

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