“What Men Want” Top Trends for Spring 2017

“What Men Want” Top Trends for Spring 2017

“What Men Want” Top Trends for Spring 2017

“What Men Want” Top Trends for Spring 2017. We’re often asked “What do women want?” But when it comes to fashion, “what do men want?” is generally a more pressing question. However, thanks to the Hook Fashion Discovery app, we can put an end to that guessing game. According to the app, millennial men are once again embracing logos and lots of trendy accessories! Gucci and Adidas ranked at the top as the most searched brands. Surprised? T

They’re also stocking up on logo tees from Fila, Stussy, and Maison Kitsune, and unexpected accessories like waist bags/fanny packs, baseball caps (no surprise there), and aviators, especially by Gucci. Some of their favorite retailers are H&M, Cheap Monday and Jack & Jones – with their style preferences geared towards more casual ‘streetwear’ looks. More of our top trends below:

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The Hook Fashion Discovery app is the first consumer product and app from leading retail analytics firm Intelligence Node. The app is the first of its kind, AI-generated fashion feed to bring users exact and similar items to match their fashion queries in real time – the first ever search engine just for fashion! Featuring millions of SKUs and over 100 top U.S. online retailers, shoppers can search for virtually any fashion item. The free app is currently available for download in the App Store and on Google Play. For more information on the Hook Fashion Discovery app, please visit www.get-hook.com.

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