MY21 Facial Sheet Masks A Must Have Beauty Brand

MY21 Facial Sheet Masks A Must Have Beauty Brand

MY21 Facial Sheet Masks A Must Have Beauty Brand

Dermatologically tested, luxury MY21 ($59.95 for box of 10) offers next generation K-Beauty results, and combines 9+ super-nutrients, botanicals and plant antioxidants. They are free of harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances or parabens.

MY21 introduces exclusive new BioCloud 100% Cotton Sheet Technology that holds 13 times its weight in serum – for deeper penetration and more effective, longer-lasting results. They also cling nicely to the face.

Boxed masks include: Moisture Infinity (to restore and retain hydration), Repair Infinity (to smooth and soothe imperfections), Youthful Infinity (age-defying and firming) and Renew Infinity (rejuvenates and brightens).

Moisture Infinity

Dermatologist tested, results have been exceptional. Though results are seen after one treatment, after 30 days of regular use, testers’ before-and-after skin showed a 78 percent lessening in pore size, 52 percent fewer red spots, 40 percent reduction in fine lines, 36 percent fewer porphyrins (which interfere with hemoglobin production), 32 percent fewer brown spots, 24 percent fewer wrinkles, and 19 percent smoother texture.

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