Natural Fragrance Rose Is The Perfect Gift

Natural Fragrance Rose Is The Perfect Gift

Natural Fragrance Rose Is The Perfect Gift

Natural Fragrance Rose offers the rich aromatics and unique beauty of premium, garden-grown roses designed to last months without water or care. The sustainable alternative to chemical-based scented candles and diffusers, Natural Fragrance Rose is the green revolution in indoor fragrance. Perfect for home, office, or as a meaningful gift, bask in the luxurious beauty of nature’s finest flower, sustainably produced and botanically infused with a variety of alluring scents.

Natural Fragrance Rose

A third-generation Dutch flower cultivator, company founder Peter Persoon discovered that Mother Nature does not produce flowers that are both richly scented and long lasting. In nature, strong-scented blooms quickly attract pollinators and die shortly thereafter. Commercially grown roses are bred as a more long-lasting solution, but they lose much of their beloved scent in the process. Fans of the flower have learned to love them solely for their aesthetic appeal while relying on carbon-burning synthetic candles or diffusers for fresh, ongoing scent.

Persoon researched and developed an innovative approach to align the worlds of scent and beauty. Applying his patented technology to premium, natural blooms, Persoon replaces the plant’s water cells with bio-based moisturizing creams. The flowers self-hydrate by taking in moisture from the air, keeping them fresh and gorgeous up to 10 times longer than cut roses and up to 3 months in your home. Requiring no refrigeration or care, each Natural Fragrance Rose is transported and displayed in a glass vase which cuts over 9 times the transport and emissions waste of traditionally manufactured roses.

Now, the inspiration and originators of indoor fragrance have again become the authentic blooms enjoyed in the home. Infused with a variety of botanically-based scents, Natural Fragrance Rose offers something for everyone. Perfect for any special occasion, celebration, or “just because” moment, shop the full collection at or at your nearest Gelsons or Bed Bath and Beyond stores for just $19.99.

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