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Nayestones presents a timeless Rings Collection

Nayestones presents a timeless collection where the ring can be worn on two fingers at the same time. Nayestones reinvents the codes of the simple ring and designs double rings. Modern and ultra-desirable, here they are dressed in Topaz, Sapphires or Freshwater Pearls.

Stretched in an oval or infinity symbol, the double ring offers a new experience for women . These precious jewels are handcrafted in workshops in Antwerp, Belgium .Nayestones was founded by Natalie Schayes. The work of stones being at the heart of his creations, the name Nayestones is a combination of his first name and the word “Stones”.


style rings Nayestones

As a designer , Natalie develops the collections and defines the brand image. Her work is heavily influenced by the minimalism found in her use of clean lines. Natalie has a full understanding of the body and its movements. She thus designs balanced jewelry that embraces the curves of the body. Nayestones creations are aimed at all women, from those who advocate daring to those who prefer sensuality.

His ambition is to create timeless and refined jewelry from lines, gold and precious stones.

These jewels, with an almost invisible setting, offer new uses to women. The stone is brought to the fore, modernized and sublimated.







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