Noshinku Hand Sanitizer, The Best To Use Daily

Noshinku Hand Sanitizer, The Best To Use Daily

Noshinku Hand Sanitizer, The Best To Use Daily

hand sanitizer has become something of a necessary evil. But one company is proving that necessary can also be very, very nice. For all the trend conscious, fashion forward consumers, a couture handbag should also require a couture and high-design hand sanitizer. Enter our client, 

In 2017, well ahead of the current sanitizer tsunami, Noshinku began developing its premium formula with the belief that everyday products can elevate quality of life when thoughtfully formulated and designed.

Noshinku Hand Sanitizer

The elegant, skin-caring spray-on formula is all natural, 100% organic and chemical-free. It is made with organic sugar cane derived pharma grade alcohol and features hydrating essential oils such as argan, jojoba and rosa canina to ensure that the formula will not dry your hands like most mainstream sanitizers. Italian bergamot is responsible for its clean, citrus-y gender neutral scent. (No synthetic fragrances.)

Noshinku Hand Sanitizer is FDA registered and kills 99.9% of germs. It comes in either a refillable sleek black aluminum tabletop bottle or a pocket-sized spray. A little of this moisturizing, great-smelling formula goes the distance. A 8 oz. tabletop bottle of Noshinku lasts as long as three 8-oz. bottles of Purell gel sanitizer.

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