Pureology Introduces Highlight StylistTM, Styling for Highlighted, Color-Treated Hair

Pureology Introduces Highlight StylistTM, Styling for Highlighted, Color-Treated Hair

Pureology Introduces Highlight StylistTM, Styling for Highlighted, Color-Treated Hair

Pureology understands that highlighted hair requires special attention, as highlighted hair has a higher porosity than other colour-treated hair types, and as a result, can appear weak and lack radiance. Pureology is excited to introduce Highlight Stylist, the first-of-its-kind lightweight texture and highlight enhancers to create natural-looking styles with reflective shine and long-lasting multi-tonal colour.

“Being based in California, I receive daily requests from my clients for natural looking highlights. With Pureology’s new Highlight Stylist collection, I can recommend products to my clients that will leave their highlighted hair feeling more voluminous while also having increased shine and illuminating their colour,” says Natasha Sunshine, Pureology Artistic Ambassador.

The Highlight Stylist system contains unique styling formulas – powered by Red Algae extract and Pureology’s proprietary Strengthening AntiFadeComplexTM – that lightly texturize and define hair while protecting highlights and enhancing colour vibrancy. Unlike regular styling products, natural reflective porosity fillers even out excessive light traps, creating a smooth reflective surface while styling, for maximum shine. The result is multiplied colour vibrancy and longer lasting hair colour, guaranteed.

This system is free of salt, parabens and mineral oil and includes a full range of products that are designed to not only preserve hair colour from root to ends with a shine-gel, shine-foam, and salt-free tousle spray but also strengthen the hair fiber.

For Smoothing Frizz Control
Gold DefinerTM contour shine-gel: Gold mica-infused formula controls frizz and illuminates highlights with lustrous shine. Great for a long-lasting smooth blowout. Can be used on wet or dry hair.

For Voluminous Body
Bodifying LuminatorTM texturizing shine-foam: Lightweight formula adds lasting body and fullness while illuminating highlights with multi-dimensional shine.

For Tousled Waves
Sea-Kissed TexturizerTM salt-free tousle mist: Colour conscious, salt-free spray creates lightweight, day-at-the-beach texture with radiant shine. Added texture benefit when layered without adding weight or stickiness.

The Highlight Stylist collection features:
Reflective Porosity Fillers: Olive, apricot and jojoba oils help fill in the gaps on the cuticle to bring out optimum

Natural Texturizer: Naturally derived, food grade red algae provides lightweight texture without dulling, mattifying or
weighing hair down.

Strengthening AntiFadeComplexTM: Keravis-infused complex provides internal and external strengthening for
breakage protection and optimum colour retention.

About Pureology Serious Colour Care
Pureology offers a complete collection of haircare and styling products that enhance and protect colour vibrancy while ensuring improved condition and healthy shine. From concentrated Zero Sulfate® Shampoos to our conditioners, masques and stylers, each and every product contains the exclusive AntiFadeComplex® to maximize colour retention from start to finish and deliver our promise of Longer Lasting Hair Colour GUARANTEED!®    For more information visit Pureology.com and like Pureology on Facebook. Please note, Pureology products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon. We request that you do not credit drugstores, “beauty websites” or other unauthorized retailers.


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