Rose Of Dream Fragrances In Stores This Spring

Rose Of Dream Fragrances In Stores This Spring

Rose Of Dream Fragrances In Stores This Spring

New spring brings lots of flower bouquets from various houses, and some of them will offer their fans compositions dedicated to a special type of flowers. That goes for Oriflame, which prepares a special treat for fans of fragrant roses, because the latest edition is dedicated to a precious sort – May rose.

Rose of Dreams arrives as a charming edition in May 2013 in a glass flacon with iridescent shades of pink and cyclamen color. Composition of Rose of Dreams is created by Alexis Dadier, young and talented perfumer of the house of Symrise. He used to work for Dior and was taught for perfumer profession at the prestigious school Mane Perfumery in Grasse. Among his creations are Innocent Illusion (Thierry Mugler), L’Occitane L’Eau de Azur, Jessica Simpson Fancy and Oriflame Architect. In Alexis’ opinion, it takes a lot of love and passion to create fragrances!

Perfumer Alexis Dadier constructed the composition of Rose of Dreams out of queen rose and truffle notes, which decorate the composition. He wanted to place the most beautiful flowers of May rose in the center of attention, as prominent as gems in perfume palette. Rich May rose aromas are surrounded with a trail of black truffles, which are valued highly in perfumery and are named black diamonds.

Besides Rose of Dreams EDP, Oriflame is truly dedicated to rose this year, and roses will be distributed to their fans through various products. Collection called Roses has been prepared – it encompasses fragrant body care products and it will be launched in April 2013. After that, you can expect blush pearls – inspired by rose petals – Perles Illuminantes Dreamy. The announced fragrance is to be launched in May. Besides the perfume, Oriflame will launch a white purse, which will also be in sale.



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