Sephora Collection #LIPSTORIES The Best Gift Of The Week

Sephora Collection #LIPSTORIES The Best Gift Of The Week

Sephora Collection #LIPSTORIES The Best Gift Of The Week

Sephora Collection #LIPSTORIES The Best Gift Of The Week.  As you know the Holiday season is all about giving. Our beauty team adores the new released collection of lipsticks Sephora recently launched. Perfect, cute and wearable colors you can rock any season. Perfect gift to give to a friend or family member.

No matter what your go-to shade is, every lipstick look should have a story behind it; where you wore it, with who, what you did and how it made you feel. Now, it’s time to step out from behind the ring light, and bring your story to real life!

“#LIPSTORIES by Sephora Collection is an amazing new line of 40 highly pigmented and long-lasting shades. These collectable shades were created to celebrate wild adventures, favorite moments and magic memories that are yet to come, so embrace every color and texture in real life and share your story with us!”




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This is lipstick for real life, not just ring lights—lipsticks for celebrating the wild adventures, best moments, and magical memories in your life. So grab a shade or four and take your lipstick outside. See you out there!

What it is:

A high-pigment, lightweight lipstick that provides full-coverage color in one swipe. Available in 40 shades and three finishes: matte, cream, and metal.

Here are our stories:


From hometown hangs to winter getaways, these shades were made for the coziest time of year.

11 Fireside | 44 Woof | 10 Yum Yum | 48 Just Add Tinsel


These bold lipsticks were made for gals going big places, like interviews for that promotion to Head Babe In Charge.

45 City Beat | 27 Hong Kong by Night | 09 Labyrinth City | 47 Cash Money


Buy the ticket, hit the road, etc. These shades were made for travel selfies that’ll give your friends FOMO.

14 Twolips | 25 First Class | 04 Somewhere in Spain | 46 Ice Breaker


Dive into that nostalgic feeling with shades that’ll inspire your future #TBT pics.

35 Take a Bite | 22 A Little Magic | 29 Malt Shake | 41 Take a Spin


These wedding-party-approved shades are all about L-O-V-E and you + Sephora Collection = <3 4-EVA.

38 Off Limits | 03 Oui! | 07 Love Love | 51 Light Festival


When you’re ready to Get. Out. Of. Here. these shades will transport you back to being poolside in Puerto Vallarta.

06 Tan Lines | 36 Spring Break | 21 Pineapple Express | 24 Deep Water Bay


These lipsticks were made for brunch days a.k.a. the best days a.k.a. the days that start with S.

43 In the Clouds | 26 All Washed Up | 32 Berry-licious | 01 Brunch Date


Music’s on, top’s down—these shades were made for road trippin’ with your ride-or-die chicks.

49 Ouch | 30 Matinee | 33 Wanderlust | 31 Golden Gate


Whether you’re with the band or waiting in the GA line, these shades scream “FESTIVAL-READY.”

23 After Hours | 39 Desert Trip | 42 No Cell Service | 50 Trippin


From poolside hangs to permanent brunch, these bright shades will see you through every summertime situation.

12 Celebrate | 37 Hot in Havana | 28 Popsicle Lips | 13 Coconut Grove

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