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Smart Care For Healthy Feet

Smart Care For Healthy Feet. Feet are the undeniable workhorses of our body, carrying us everywhere we need to go, and often logging 10k steps a day. Not only do they bear the weight of our entire bodies, but they also are constantly crammed in shoes, waiting in lines and carrying us through workouts and runs. Feet work non-stop, so why not show them the same level of attention the rest of your body/skin gets?

Renowned dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadick, Chief Medical Officer of STRIDE, offers his insights on smart care for healthy feet:

  • Give them a good cleaning in warm water, but avoid soaking them because that may dry them out.

  • Moisturize them every day with a Foot Cream. The skin on your feet is thicker than the rest of the skin on your body and can easily become dry and cracked. STRIDE Foot Cream is a medical strength treatment that not only deeply nourishes parched skin but also rejuvenates and restores them to a soft, supple, post-pedi status.

  • Don’t put moisturizer between your toes. You want to keep the skin there dry to prevent infection.

  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting shoes. Your shoes shouldn’t hurt your feet.

  • Skip the flip-flops and flats. They don’t provide enough arch support.

  • Rotate your shoes so you’re not wearing the same pair every day.

  • Trim your toenails straight across with a nail clipper. Then use an emery board or nail file to smooth the corners, which will prevent the nail from growing into your skin.

  • Incorporate a foot peel once every 2 months. STRIDE Foot Peel peels away the layers of thick, calloused skin on soles to make feet feel and look brand new again, delivering softer, smoother feet in just 3-14 days.

  • Support healthy feet, skin and nails with a supplement. The One Daily Supplements specifically supports new nail growth and helps with cell turnover as your skin regenerates, ensuring your body has the fuel for building new skin, healthy nails, and luxurious hair.

STRIDE is the first and only dermatologist-developed and clinically tested solutions for dry, calloused, rough and cracked feet. Developed by leading board certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Neil Sadick, STRIDE delivers medical-grade solutions to your door to treat your toughest, roughest skin.

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