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The Best Beauty Eco-Friendly Skincare Brands Of The Week

Body sculpting shaped by an angel

Here are the best FAB FIVE favorites of the day you must add to your beauty cabinet. The Best Beauty Eco-Friendly Brands Of The Week are good for your skin and body

First up Body Sculpting Mask from Shaped By An Angel. This body sculpting mask is designed to shrink and detoxify the skin, melt away, unwanted, fat and defined the aging process. Buy product here –

Shaped by an angel body sculpting mask is designed to shrink and detoxify the skin, melt away, unwanted, fat and defined the aging process – learn more buy product click here:

Body sculpting shaped by an angel










2nd up is Aleph Beauty Radiance Balm that is Formulated to spotlight your unique features and add a new dimension to your makeup, this cream glow is a buildable highlighter, complexion luminiser, and adds pearlescence to any lip colour. Learn more and read –

Randiance balm Moon









3rd Up Beauty Kitchen Sinus Bland Bath Soak

Nobody likes a Mister or Misses Sniffles! Keep this Beauty Kitchen original bath soak around this allergy, cold and flu seasons to open up your sinuses as soon as you feel a cold or flu coming on. Perfect for kiddies and adults! The perfect year-round indulgence for sinus relief, this bath soak is the perfect thing to keep on hand. Great for use in the winter or allergy season, this soak will bring relief from the seasons that are hard on your sinuses. Perfect for the kids & adults.Learn more and buy here –










4th Beia Daily Hydrating & Setting Mist

An intimate moment for bare skin and a makeup lock-in one, our luxe featherweight mist instantly soothes environmentally stressed skin using the purest skin-loving ingredients like calming aloe and breakout-banishing green tea. All while revitalizing your glow and elevating your mood! Take it from your vanity-top to overnighter for 24/7 woke-up-like-this radiance. Shop here at

Beia Daily Hydrating & Setting Mist










5th NV Bronzing Body Mist

The Luminesce skin care line restores youthful vitality and radiance to your skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reveals your youthful glow. Learn more shop here at



NV Bronzing Body Mist

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