The Breast Whisperer helps with preventing sagging and muscle loss

The Breast Whisperer helps with preventing sagging and muscle loss

The Breast Whisperer helps with preventing sagging and muscle loss

You must try the Breast Whisperer bra, they come in several nice colors. It is a revolutionary new bra that was created by a notable plastic surgeon and designed by a recognized fashion designer.

Dr. Brian J. Eichenberg, M.D. created the The Breast Whisperer because of his experience and expertise in breast surgery Dr. Eichenberg has performed thousands of breast augmentations and other breast surgeries and he learned over the years that women were always frustrated that there was not a good bra out there for women with augmented breasts. So if you’ve had CosmetiCare Orange County breast augmentation then you’re going to love this, same for women with naturally large breasts.

He teamed up with fashion designer Ankur Chakraborty, to help design a beautiful and comfortable bra that women can wear all day and night long and to help assist with preventing sagging, muscle loss and chest wall wrinkles due to pulling and gravity when sleeping. Link into their world here at

The bra was designed for both breasts that have been augmented and also for natural large breasts and it is especially ideal for night time sleeping, to help keep breasts beautiful, wrinkle free (chest) and gives just the right support. Don’t forget that if you have recently had breast augmentation, then you make sure that you are taking care of them properly. Getting this bra will definitely help, but it also might be a good idea to check out something like this plastic surgery after care facilities just to be extra careful. If you are happy with just using this bra though, then that’s perfectly fine. The bra was designed for night time but can be worn all day due to it’s extreme comfort level. It’s the ideal lounge bra!

If you are a full figured woman, have large breast implants, or have large natural breasts, then you know how it feels to have the skin on your chest feel tugged and stretched with every bounce. Sports bras help with comfort at the gym, but they’re too restricting to wear for more than an hour or two. Wearing the Breast Whisperer Daytime / Nighttime Bra will make you feel younger and perkier, all day, everyday!

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