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The Most Loved Designer Brands in California

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A new study by online art gallery, SINGULART reveals which luxury brands are most loved across the US, with Louis Vuitton found to be America’s favorite.

New research has revealed the luxury designer brands that are the most loved across America, with Louis Vuitton coming in first place across the states. Looking at the number of Google searches, online art gallery, SINGULART, has revealed the luxury designer brands that have seen the biggest increase in searches over the past four years.

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It was found that, across the US, Louis Vuitton had the highest increases in searches, with a total increase of 21,011,700 searches from 2018-2021 across every US state.

Following from that, the study broke the data down further on a state level and revealed that, Dior was hugely popular across America, with 62% of the states searching for the brand the most.

Dior saw the biggest increase in searches in California, with an increase of 1,173,500 from 2018-2021.

This search figure was closely followed by New York, whose luxury-wear favorite was also found to be Dior and has seen annual searches increase by 832,200 since 2018.

Looking specifically at California, the most popular designer was also revealed to be Dior, having seen a 1.17 million increase in searches.

In a close second place was Chanel with an increase of 1.1 million searches, and marginally behind that was Hermès with an increase of 911k searches.

The top 10 designers in California

Dior (Searches increased by 1,173,500 from 2018-2021)

Chanel (Searches increased by 1,107,500 from 2018-2021)

Hermès (Searches increased by 911,000 from 2018-2021)

Prada (Searches increased by 601,700 from 2018-2021)

Burberry (Searches increased by 567,000 from 2018-2021)

Gucci (Searches increased by 483,000 from 2018-2021)

Vivvienne Westwood (Searches increased by 470,200 from 2018-2021)

Bottega Veneta (Searches increased by 439,100 from 2018-2021) 439100

Alexander McQueen (Searches increased by 322,200 from 2018-2021)

Ralph Lauren (Searches increased by 312,500 from 2018-2021)

Hermes, Chanel, Valentino, Burberry, and Alexander McQueen were also all named as popular designer brands across several US states, with 22% of states having Alexander McQueen as their favorite.

The favorites in each state were revealed as:

Designer Brand

States searching the most for the brand






California, New York, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Arizona, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Colorado, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Utah, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Rhode Island, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Idaho, West Virginia, Maine, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming


Virginia, Washington, Nevada, Oregon, Montana



Alexander McQueen

Georgia, Maryland, Michigan, Tennessee, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Indiana, South Carolina, Delaware

More about this study can be found here, including Europe’s favorite brands:

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