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The World’s Favorite Beauty Brands

The World’s Favorite Beauty Brands

Whether it’s our go-to lipstick shade or the perfect foundation for that flawless finish, we all have our favorite beauty brands. But which is most popular in your country?  From the UAE to the United Kingdom, take a look at our research and see whether the rest of your country agrees with your choice.






To find out the favorites, we curated a list of popular beauty brands and used Google Trends to determine the search interest worldwide. Search interest is scored from 0 to 100, where 100 is the most popular. Countries which are not included in our research did not chart in Google Trends for our chosen brands, suggesting interest in the brands is low in those countries.Where search interest scores were tied for multiple brands in one country, we have provided joint-first place brands in the table below.


Which Beauty Brand is the Favorite in Each Country?


friends putting on make-up


The below table shows the favorite beauty brand in each of the 108 countries.

Six countries have multiple brands in first place. With six brands tied for the top spot, Hong Kong takes the title of beauty capital of the world. Chanel, Shiseido, Estee Lauder, Nars, Clarins, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown are best liked in the country in equal measure.


Which Beauty Brands Are The Overall Favorites Globally?


infographic top 15 beauty brands globally

From our data, we can see which brands are the most popular overall globally. The table below shows the beauty brands that are most popular in the highest number of countries. Interestingly, the top three are made up of affordable beauty brands. Taking the top spot, L’Oréal is the most searched beauty brand in 25 countries, dwarfing CoverGirl in second place with 10 countries. In joint third place is Maybelline and NYX, tied as the top searched brands in six countries respectively.


Report from Mark McMeekin

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