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Vegan Floral Cuticle Nail Treatment Oil That Heals Your Nails

Vegan Cuticle Oil, honey nail glam

The Honey Nail Glam Inc. has a Sweet Cuticle Oil that revitalizes and heals your nails in seconds. Great for your hands and toes daily. This signature aromatherapy cuticle oil softens cuticles with a signature sweet honey scent with geranium, lilies, floral essential oils, Vitamin E and Safflower Oil.

THE HNG brand is “Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free”. Since the official launch, thousands of women have purchased our signature “Sweet Cuticle Oil.”  HNG’s “Sweet Cuticle Oil” hydrates the cuticles within seconds and leaves behind a sweet honey aroma, and the best part is, it’s all natural. Mango extract, safflower oil and vitamin E are the nourishing components that make the “Sweet Cuticle Oil” a must have item to add to your nail-care, beauty regimen.

Great for your hands and toes daily. Our oil cuticle provides an essential component of nail care that seamlessly compliments HNG’s nail lacquers.

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Vegan Cuticle Oil, honey nail glam



Vegan Cuticle Oil, honey nail glam


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