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California Is Ranked TOP 3 Most Fashion Obsessed State In America

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New York is the most fashion-obsessed state in America, a new study reveals. The research, carried out by fashion experts at Karen Millen, examined Google Trends data of search terms frequently used by people interested in fashion.

These terms were then combined to give each American state a ‘total fashion search score’ to discover which states have been the most interested in fashion over the past 12 months.

The study revealed that New York is the state most curious about fashion. With a total search score of 940, New York topped the list for its population, having the highest search levels for many fashion terms and items including: ‘fashion’, ‘jeans’, ‘leather jacket’, ‘dress’, ‘handbag’ and ‘leather’.

The state of New Jersey is America’s second most obsessed state about fashion, with a total search score of 800. New Jersey has the second highest proportion of its population searching for fashion related terms such as ‘sneakers’, placing it second in the ranking.

California is the third state most interested in fashion, with the second-highest number of searches for ‘leather jacket’, the third-highest searches for ‘fashion’ and ‘leather,’ as well as the fourth-highest number of searches for ‘handbag’. Overall, California has a total search score of 724.

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The state of Connecticut also ranks as one of America’s states most interested in fashion, placing fourth overall. With a total search score of 721, Connecticut has the sixth-highest level of searches for the term ‘leather jacket’ and the fifth-highest number of searches for ‘dress’.

The fifth most fashion-obsessed state is Maryland, with a total search score of 714. The state is the second-highest state searching for ‘handbag’ and had the eighth-highest number of searches in America for ‘leather jacket’.

Massachusetts is the sixth most fashion-obsessed state, with its population searching the second most for ‘sweatshirt’, which secured its sixth position in the rankings and gave the state a total search score of 698.

The next two states in the rankings have the same total fashion score of 690, putting them in joint seventh position.

Alabama state saw the third-highest number of searches in America for ‘jeans’, and the fourth-highest number of searches for ‘leather’, which helped it secure seventh position.

Mississippi also ranked in seventh position due to the state’s population having the second-highest searches for ‘fashion’ and ‘jeans’. It also had the fifth-highest number of searches for ‘leather boots’.

Delaware places eighth in the rankings, with the state having the fourth-highest number of searches for ‘leather jacket’ and ‘sneakers’ and the ninth-highest number of searches for ‘fashion’. Delaware has a total search score of 684.

The ranking reveals Georgia is the ninth most fashion-obsessed state in America, with 682 as a total search score. When broken down, the state had the sixth-highest number of searches for ‘dress’ and ‘jeans’.

Rhode Island is revealed to be the tenth most fashion-obsessed state in America. Rhode Island has a total search score of 681, with the state’s most searched fashion items being ‘dress’ and ‘sweatshirt’.

Karen Millen commented on the findings: “Fashion has always been an outlet of expression, and for millions of Americans, it remains one of the most important elements of people’s lifestyles.

This study provides exciting insight into which states remain most interested in fashion and it is no surprise that New York ranks so highly considering it is home to one of the fashion capitals of the world.”


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