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Hair Glam

Celebrity hair stylist Jenny Cho, The British M hair products she use to create the unique updo’s

To honor the 2021 CFDA Awards, inspiration came from HoYeon Jung’s Louis Vuitton dress and leaned towards stronger hair to tie it in with the whole look.  Celebrity hair stylist Jenny Cho used British M hair products to create the unique updo.  The style combined tight, doubled top-knots with freely detailed strands flowing into an eye-catching sculptural effect at the back.


Styling Prep:


“To recreate the look, it’s essential to prep hair with the right shampoo and conditioner as a foundation,” explains Cho. “I love the British M Kombucha Shampoo and British M Kombucha Hair Mask to instantly add shine and softness that makes styling easy. After leaving in Kombucha Mask on for 3-5 minutes in the shower, detangle the strands very carefully with a brush like British M Flex Gentle Brush, and evenly distribute the treatment between every strand. Then apply British M Annatto Hair Oil all over towel dried hair, and mist on British M Sea Salt Spray to give a slight grip and control. Blow dry from the nape with the British M Hot Curling Ceramic Brush not for volume but to smooth and control the hair away from the face in the direction of the high pony.”



Styling Step by Step:













1.      From the nape, I took 1-inch sections and applied a pea size of British M Regent Classic Pomade section by section and worked all the way to the front of the hairline.


2.      With a flat brush, I gathered the hair into a tight high pony then secured it with an elastic tie.


3.       I split the pony into two sections – top and bottom. The top section was twisted to the left and around to form a knot and pinned, leaving ends out and free. The bottom half was twisted to the right to create a knot and pinned, with ends left out.


4.      I then applied British M Annatto Hair Oil on mid shaft through the ends.


5.      I rubbed the pomade on a toothbrush for final touches and detailed a free-floating sculptural effect on the ends. Finally, I tucked away any unwanted flyaways and used British M Hard Tailor Spray for shine, hold and to lock in the look for the night.


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