Fab Jewels & Beauty Brand Oscar Gifts Revealed

Fab Jewels & Beauty Brand Oscar Gifts Revealed

Fab Jewels & Beauty Brand Oscar Gifts Revealed

February was lit in Los Angeles with a star stellar Oscar Gifting lounge produced by Doris Bergman. Three things we can share about the 12th annual Valentines Romance Pre Oscar luxury lounge Fig & Olive restaurant soirée: Amazing, Fantastic and extremely elegant.

Our favorite beauty brand we think are perfect to add to your beauty regimen are as follows: Revealu, Beauty Stats and Pachamama CBD Body Lotion.

Check out Revealu beauty product here at https://www.revealuskincare.com/

100% natural formulated to assist in the natural balance and flexibility of your skin. Our Face and Body products composed of essential elements that support the skin clearing dead skin cells, and toxins while rejuvenating your skin, leaving a smooth, soft and supple complexion. We love the Face & Body Gel – https://www.revealuskincare.com/product-page/revealu-hydragel

beauty stats

BeautyStat is a Vitamin C treatment with a one-of-a-kind patented formula that contains 2 key powerhouse ingredients: Stable 20% Pure Vitamin C & Stable Epigallocatechin Gallate (an active ingredient of Green Tea) – https://beautystat.com/

Pachamama CBD Body Lotion must have – 300mg of THC-free, broad spectrum CBD extract is infused with soothing oils to rejuvenate the skin by regenerating healthy tissues and cells. The aromatic properties of lavender, tea tree, rooibos and geranium offer additional benefits, including stress relief and relaxation. Buy here at https://enjoypachamama.com/products/body-lotion

Fab Jewel Favorites are: My Saint, My Hero, Charise Noel and Twisted Silver Jewelry.

Charise Noel – Magic is a unique necklace and earring set that can be worn as a solitaire or a drop necklace with interchangeable magnetic custom endings.  Wear it as an everyday casual necklace or switch out the ending for that special formal occasion.  Have a blast taking the same ending from the necklace and wearing them as earrings as well! We love this necklace here – called heart Hearts Peuter – https://charisenoel.com/

We love the Handwoven Bracelets style here called Garment of Grace Scapular Bracelet buy here at https://mysaintmyhero.com/collections/woven-bracelets

Twisted Silver Jewelry is awesome buy here – https://twisted-silver.com/

To all the celebrities and filmmakers in the business of Hollywood, Doris Bergman‘s Pre-Oscar Luxury lounge celebration this 2020 was the “must attend event” to be at this past weekend.

Feature by Lela Christine

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