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Haute Couture Flower Fashion Blooms in Home Decor: KOKET’s Spellbound Collection


In a captivating fusion of haute couture and home elegance, the renowned luxury decor brand KOKET unveils its Spellbound Collection, a breathtaking array of home furnishings inspired by the floral lace trend sweeping the fashion runways. This exclusive collection, handcrafted in Portugal with meticulous attention to detail, brings the delicate intricacy of metallic floral lace from the catwalk into the living room, offering a fresh perspective on interior design.

The Allure of Floral Lace in Fashion and Decor

  • Floral motifs, symbolizing femininity, beauty, and vitality, have long graced the realms of fashion and home decor with their timeless elegance.
  • In fashion, these patterns serve as a continuous source of inspiration, capturing the essence of nature’s beauty and the changing seasons.
  • In home interiors, floral designs introduce warmth, charm, and tranquility, harmonizing spaces with nature’s splendor.

Introducing the Spellbound Collection

The Spellbound Collection is KOKET’s homage to the enduring appeal of floral lace, blending haute couture sensibilities with the intimate charm of home decor. Here’s what sets this collection apart:

  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: Every piece is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, featuring delicate metal lacework and intricate floral details, all handcrafted using ancient sand casting techniques.
  • Opulence and Sophistication: The collection exudes an air of sophistication, with each item meticulously designed to embody the luxury and elegance synonymous with KOKET.
  • A Celebration of Floral Lace: Echoing the brand’s commitment to empowering design, the Spellbound Collection invites homeowners to infuse their spaces with the romanticism and timeless elegance of floral motifs.

A Word from KOKET

“At KOKET, we’re passionate about the impact of floral motifs on design. The Spellbound Collection celebrates this timeless aesthetic, offering an opportunity to blend the romanticism of floral lace with the elegance of home decor,” shared KOKET’s PR spokesperson. The team further invites design aficionados and fashion lovers to explore the Spellbound Collection, experiencing the unique blend of fashion and decor.

Embrace Timeless Elegance

The Spellbound Collection by KOKET is more than just furniture; it’s an invitation to experience the fusion of fashion and interior design, bringing the elegance of haute couture flower fashion into the heart of your home. Discover the collection’s charm and elevate your living spaces with KOKET’s unparalleled style.

For further details on the Spellbound Collection and to explore KOKET’s full range of luxury home decor, visit or follow @bykoket on social media platforms.


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