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Pholk’s Vegan Skinfood A Must For This Winter Holiday Season

This holiday season are you ready for a fresh start, reinvent your skincare routine with Pholk’s best sellers.  Pholk is an all-natural vegan skincare line inspired by the folk beauty secrets of the African Diaspora offering affordable and effective solutions for melanin-rich skin.

Here are some of our beauty teams favorites you will adore summarized below:

Aloe Lemon Balm Face Mist ($20) is a toner for oily, combo, and acne-prone skin or those suffering from ingrown hairs, and hyperpigmentation. This alcohol-free mist unclogs pores and gently smooths bumps and textured skin leaving the skin clean, balanced, and shine-free.

Infused with distilled lemon balm water, an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory ingredient from the Southern United States to detoxify pores, rid of acne-causing bacteria, and minimize the appearance of dark marks and acne scarring. Distilled aloe water from the Western United States is another key ingredient; it’s a natural source of salicylic acid that unclogs pores and gradually smooths textured skin from breakouts and ingrown hairs.


The Perk Up EyeNectar ($24) is like a power nap for tired eyes and it’s back in stock, so try it before it sells out again. Transforms the delicate skin around the eyes and depuff the undereye area leaving a cushiony, blur and visibly diminishing the appearance of fine lines.

Key ingredients include coffeeberry extract from Hawaii, hempseed oil from Kentucky, okra seed oil from Georgia, and moringa oil from Ghana. Its metal rollerball applicator instantly cools and depuffs under the eyes and ensures there is no product waste.


Werkacita Allover Balm ($18) is a lightweight multi-tasking moisturizer to hydrate from head to heel and melts away makeup. It’s made with edible ingredients so it’s also safe for the lips.

Rich in Vitamin E, A, and antioxidants this mango and hemp seed oil blend is triple whipped for a velvety texture that absorbs easily into the skin. It also boosts the healing processes from minor irritations, rashes, pollutants, and sun. Offered in two scents; Eucalyptus Mint soothes aching muscles and promotes deep breathing while Moroccan Rose is deeply hydrating, calms sensitive/reddened skin, and is excellent for makeup removal.

Pholk is farm-to-face beauty and soul food for the skin. Just like the soulful cuisine of Africans and African descendants around the globe, Pholk’s nourishing “skinfood” is inspired by the South; Savannah, Georgia all the way to Senegal. Founder, Niambi Cacchioli was born in Georgia and raised in Kentucky where everyone had a garden or vegetable plot and learned how to make simple beauty recipes with local ingredients from her family.  Pholk is available to purchase online at

Pholk's Vegan Skinfood





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