Beautiful Mood Boost Spray From Adoratherapy Is Awesome

Beautiful Mood Boost Spray From Adoratherapy Is Awesome

Beautiful Mood Boost Spray From Adoratherapy Is Awesome

Adoratherapy is founded upon the belief that the earth holds within its abundant resources, the ability to achieve balance and wholeness within the individual. Since 1998, Adoratherapy™ and its two other brands, Rhiamon Energy Essentials™ and Trinity Spa Essentials™, have supported the quest for stress reduction, personal growth, and overall health and wellness with a vast selection of true adoratherapy products. Adoratherapy has a new line of aromatherapy they have developed for On the Go Gals to boost their moods. I received the bottle of Smart Mood Boost with notes of Lemon and Grapefruit.

The packaging on it is absolutely beautiful! Nestled in foam inside a drawer style box with ribbon pull tab, it looks elegant and is pretty enough to display and sturdy and safe enough to take with you. I love that the inner drawer of the box is bright red and is adorned with the “Adore yourself” motto. It adds an extra touch of thought and really made me smile when I seen it for the first time.

The scent is beautiful, though I expected it to be more citrus and bright, it was actually a very balanced and intriguing smell that I really loved. The slight bitter scent of the grapefruit really came through subtly as well.  The Mood Boost line comes in a variety of other scents as well such as, Seductive, Balanced, Awake, inspired, Beautiful, and Peaceful. Link into the world the best scent world for mood enhancement here at


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