LENAJAPON Winter Cherry Blossom Beauty Set Holiday Favorite

LENAJAPON Winter Cherry Blossom Beauty Set Holiday Favorite

LENAJAPON Winter Cherry Blossom Beauty Set Holiday Favorite

LENAJAPON Winter Cherry Blossom Beauty Set is pretty, clean a great must have new product.  This line of  natural botanical products are designed for all ages and skin types.Get The Glowing Healthy Skin You Will Love With LJ MOIST SHIMMER – LJ MOIST SHIMMER plays three wonderful roles of moisturizing, protecting your skin, and making it naturally glow with a veil of light. It is ideal for clear foundation as it contains radiant natural minerals which bring out that fresh-faced, healthy crystal-like glow and skin clarity.

“LJ MOIST SHIMMER and LJ PEARLY POWDER are created by years of products research and development. They are so gentle and light on skin, yet they bring a smooth and glowing skin all day long. I couldn’t use any face powder before because of my sensitive dry skin. The combination of the CC serum and the face powder gives my skin transparent healthy look without drying my skin up,” says Lena Kanise Jensen, CEO of LENAJAPON USA.

LJ MOIST SHIMMER is alcohol-free and packed with botanical-derived extracts which enhance the skin’s natural moisture retention power, including hyaluronic acid and the Quince Seed Extract, known as the queen of moisturizing.

With A Sprinkle, Your Skin Shines Like A Jewel with LJ PEARLY POWDER – LJ PEARLY POWDER spreads on your facial skin smoothly like silk. It banishes unnecessary shine while leaving your skin luminous like a precious pearl. Rich in beauty ingredients, LJ PEARLY POWDER is packed with the essences of the precious three moisturizing fruits—Quince Seed, Cherimoya and Mangosteen. Since LJ PEARLY POWDER is silicon-free, paraben-free and does not contain animal-derived materials, it is gentle on your skin.

LENAJAPON Winter Cherry Blossom Beauty Set








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