Nail Glam, SWAROVSKI, Static Nails

Nail Glam, SWAROVSKI, Static Nails

Nail Glam, SWAROVSKI, Static Nails

We love the brand nails press on created by Static Nails. Transform the shape of your nails to match your mood. In seconds, file-up a sexy stiletto, a smooth round, or a classic square shape. Change the length to fit your comfort. Use the file included to easily give Static Nails your own personal touch.

A luxury pop-on manicure set with Swarovski crystals and 3D elements that can be worn again and again. Guaranteed to turn heads, this set is perfect for any occasion: parties, dates, dances, concerts, weddings, interviews or simply a night out downtown.

2 Nails with SWAROVSKI Elements
2 Silver Glitter Nails
2 “Bad” Nails with 3D Dots
2 with Nail Shield Design
2 Matte White with Diamond Graphic
2 Matte White with 3D Dots
2 Matte White with Egg Shell Print
2 Matte with White and Black Diamonds and 3D dots
8 Black Nails with Galaxy Sparkles

Check out this two brand product we think you will say yes to.




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