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Pause Wellness Studio the destination for anyone aiming to rebuild their strength


It’s all about FLOAT THERAPY in Los Angeles. You must drop into a local Pause Wellness Studio. Drift into a deep mediative state, loosing all sensation of your body and let the mind expand and explore.

Interested in floating, but unsure of what that entails? Look for further. Pause is committed to answering all your questions so you can float confidently and comfortably in a safe, entrusted environment.

Feel total weightlessness and relaxation in a float session. The high density of the salt water creates a zero-gravity sensation, allowing for complete spinal decompression and improved circulation, minimizing even the most intense pains and soreness.

Floating organically releases endorphins, which in turn reduce stress, eliminate headaches, and foster deep, restful sleep.

Sharpen mental focus and creative problem-solving as . Marvel as your relaxed, undistracted mind floats into remarkable “super learning” — a state of startlingly deep neural connections.

Salt Float Room Benefits
The minute you ease into Pause Studios, you’re taken care of. Even if you’re a new client, you can confidently rely on our float pod services to provide squeaky-clean hygiene, stellar quality, and remarkable, unparalleled performance.

How good are we? So good that our salt water float pods and rooms match the ones enjoyed by the New England Patriots, the Houston Texans’ training facilities, the U.S. Navy Seals’ Virginia Beach performance center, plus tons of university athletic departments, and an extensive list of private, high-profile clients, including celebrities.















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