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Revolutionary, Interactive HIIT Workout

Revolutionary, Interactive HIIT Workout

Presence Fit is introducing a next level virtual fitness experience that officially launches on Wednesday, September 30th (under embargo until then) and we want you to have the opportunity to try it before launch. With world-class trainers leading personalized HIIT, yoga, barre and pilates classes in the comfort of your own space, Presence trainers lead live classes where they can monitor your form, pace and vitals in real time using AI tracking giving the trainers unprecedented insight into your progress.

The brand acts like an in-person trainer, but better and more cost effective priced at just $50/month. The platform gives you the option to join the same classes as your friends, talk about your needs, and is a great solution to maintain a fitness community while still keeping distance from others. Read more here –

The only items suggested to have on hand for a workout is a mat and set of free weights. This platform allows trainers to lead, observe and motivate to ensure you have correct form and that you’re performing at your highest potential, giving a higher quality home workout than ever before. Extremely easy and efficient to use, you can prop your phone up or connect to a larger desktop or TV screen through airplay. For an even further immersive experience, the app just integrated a technology that connects your apple watch so trainers can track your performance levels and better serve your fitness needs making it personable to you.

Revolutionary, Interactive HIIT Workout

Revolutionary, Interactive HIIT Workout

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