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San Francisco-based Betabrand gives consumers a voice in design

San Francisco-based Betabrand gives consumers a voice in design, inviting them directly into clothing’s creative process. From a product’s first sketch to the last pixel, Betabrand’s fans decide what’s next.

Dogs’ dominion over houndstooth is finally over, just the latest in an endless series of Internet victories claimed by cats. Popular pattern ‘irrevocably sullied’ by felines, says American Kennel Club. Close inspection reveals a subtle difference in the houndstooth pattern that graces Betabrand’s latest Dress Pant Yoga Pants. According to company founder Chris Lindland, “Catstooth is the fastest-selling new style of Dress Pant Yoga Pants we’ve ever seen, proof positive that felines fuel the Internet.” Confused canine community asks, ‘Are we not your best friends?’

After any product becomes a hit, Betabrand quickly polls its fanbase on related design ideas. The company rapidly released a matching Catstooth Blazer, a skinny style, and launched a design project for dog lovers who feel left out.

As this print’s popularity grows, the company will continue to crowdsource new Catstooth prototypes, with concept skirts and shirts now queueing up in the pipeline. Says Lindland, “If companies are seeking a revenue catalyst during the quarantine, look no further than cats.”

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