THE LIP BAR, More Than Lip This Valentines Day!

THE LIP BAR, More Than Lip This Valentines Day!

THE LIP BAR, More Than Lip This Valentines Day!

Love the brand. The Lip Bar lipsticks are popping with shine and their overall color story is HOT! Our beauty team say YES to their collection.

The Lip Bar is a vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that exists to help change the way you think about beauty. Buy there brand –

Check out our favorite below..

Minute Finish 4-in-1 Face Palette was curated with ease in mind to help you achieve a full makeup look FAST! Available in six (6) easy to use complexion coordinated quads, each palette comes equipped with four (4) pigmented face products — a setting powder, blush, highlighter and contour powder – that’ll save you precious time and space in your makeup bag. Buy here –

THE LIP BAR, More Than Lip!

Boss Moves Fast Face FAST FACE KIT

Buy here –

Lip Bar Littles BUNDLE

The cutest little lip gloss set ever! Every kid wants to look a little more sparkly and this set of 3 all-natural lip glosses gives maximum glitter, while being super cute, super fun and super non-toxic. Buy here at

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