Vince Camuto Launches New Vince Camuto Sticker App

Vince Camuto Launches New Vince Camuto Sticker App

Vince Camuto Launches New Vince Camuto Sticker App

Today Vince Camuto announces the launch of the Vince Camuto Sticker app. Aimed at fashion lovers, the app lets users share favorite Vince Camuto styles and customize text messages with cute, colorful—and chic—emoticons. The latest mobile-friendly tactic in Vince Camuto’s digital strategy, the app was created for use with the iPhone Operating System (IOS) and can be downloaded for free at the iPhone App Store. Link into this here at

Targeting Fashion-savvy Mobile Shoppers – The app aims to capture and keep the attention of fashion-conscious mobile shoppers whose numbers now make the majority of ecommerce traffic. Taking advantage of consumers’ growing preference for image-based text messaging, the Vince Camuto Sticker app fuses fashion and technology as part of the brand’s effort to reach customers where they are—online and on the move with their mobile devices. Customers enjoy the playful, spontaneous way visual content lets them share personal style.

Animated Stickers Offer Beyond-words Messaging. The Vince Camuto Sticker app launches with a collection of original, on-trend fashion and fragrance emoticons—including animated Stickers—aimed to enliven conversations and encourage sharing. Callouts combine key style images and fun captions that let customers share their “Outfit of the Day,” reach out with “Epic” styles and tell friends their look “Nailed it!”

Once downloaded, the app keyboard organizes Stickers into easy-to-find categories that include shoes, bags, fragrance and fashion essentials. Users activate the Stickers by tapping their text message sticker drawer, tapping the four dots at the bottom left of screen, tapping “Store,” choosing “Manage” in upper right of screen and scrolling down to activate “Vince Camuto.”

Seasonal upgrades are expected with new Stickers to reflect the latest fashion and beauty trends and most current Vince Camuto products.


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